FIFA Women’s World Cup, France 2019

The 8th edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup will take place from June, 7th to July, 7th 2019, in Reims and 8 other cities in France. 24 teams, 50 matches, 500 players and more than 10 million spectators are expected to attend this exceptional event.

Find all the practical information relating to the matches taking place in Reims, the latest news, the scheduled events in Reims and the area before and during the World Cup.




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Matches in Reims

  • 8th June, 9pm: Norway/Nigeria
  • 11th June, 9pm: USA/Thailand
  • 14th June, 6pm: Jamaica/Italy
  • 17th June, 9pm: South Korea/Norway
  • 20th June, 6pm: The Netherlands/Canada
  • 24th June, 6pm: Round of 16

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